Dan Schilling

Hi, I’m Dan Schilling. For over 30 years, I’ve provided unbiased building investigations. My ultimate goal continues to be teaching people how to live and work in environments that are safer and healthier.

Why I Want to Help

My clients experience tiredness, headaches and migraines, ADD and ADHD, memory loss, insomnia, snoring, ear and sinus infections, eye and throat irritation, chemical sensitivities, chronic coughs, allergy symptoms, and asthma symptoms. My investigations consistently show that, all too often, the causes of these skyrocketing problems are indoor environmental issues.

With so many people suffering from the effects of poor indoor air quality in their homes, schools, and workplaces, I feel called to share my findings through affordable ebooks. Each ebook costs far less than an onsite inspection and is written for the average homeowner or apartment dweller.

My photo-filled ebooks help people like you discover, understand, and fix the problems in their unhealthy indoor environments.

The information they provide can also help protect you from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors, real-estate professionals, insurance companies, and those purporting to be air-quality experts.

Why You Can Trust Me

I’ve helped doctors discover causes for their patients’ previously unexplainable symptoms.

I’ve helped win court cases by testifying for clients who suffered physically and financially because of real-estate transactions, contractors, and insurance companies.

I have diagnosed thousands of residential homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings. I’ve also inspected historic landmarks and commercial buildings such as churches, restaurants, schools, universities, medical facilities, police and fire departments, and shopping malls.

I’ve been interviewed by newspaper and television news reporters.

I helped write legislation for home inspections and mold.

And I taught seminars for housing authorities, health professionals, building inspectors, real-estate agents, insurance adjusters, landlords, attorneys, builders, mold remediators, and other contractors.

Now that you know a bit more about me, I hope you will take the next step by discovering the ebooks that will help make your indoor environment safer and healthier .