EMF Protection

EMF Radiation Exposure

EMF radiation exposure from a laptop computer

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. While there are many other names used to describe the electrical radiation problem, the acronym EMF is the most common. EMF protection in homes is a necessity these days because EMF radiation affects our body’s nervous systems and damages flesh on a cellular level. EMF waves penetrate our bodies in the same way that microwaves cook food in a microwave oven. In fact, the deliberate transmission of high-frequency radiation waves has been used as military weapons. Exposure to EMF causes a wide variety of what are called EMF symptoms and EMF exposure is now recognized worldwide as...

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Fluorescent Light Sensitivity

Toxic soot particles stuck on wall behind a clock originating from fixture transformers causing fluorescent light sensitivity health problems.

This photo will be explained below because it is related to fluorescent light health problems. Fluorescent light sensitivity Fluorescent light sensitivity is a serious problem for many people and it occurs from both compact and tube fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent light headaches are perhaps the most common symptom, but fluorescent light health problems can also include EMF symptoms caused by EMF radiation. I had one client whose skin turned red because of her fluorescent light sensitivity and the EMF waves emitted from the bulbs. Most people will immediately experience fluorescent light sensitivity when trying to look at a compact fluorescent bulb....

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