Is radon testing worth it?

Radon Testing Devices

Is radon testing worth it? To be worthwhile, a radon test must be continued for an entire year. The common two-day radon tests that are done with a radon test kit or during real estate transactions are entirely untrustworthy.

Why is a short-term radon test so unreliable?

There are three reasons:

  • The EPA states that it is your annual average of radon exposure that determines your radon lung cancer risk; not how much radon might be in the air on a given day.
  • The EPA states that approximately 49.9 percent of all positive short-term radon tests provided false results that require retesting.
  • There are 11 ways that false short-term test results occur. These include seven ways false positives occur that then mislead people into thinking they have a radon problem when they might not, and four ways false negative test results occur that can mislead people into thinking they do not have a radon problem when they do.

Radon Test Canisters      Radon Testing Device

These photos show scintillation canisters and digital testing equipment used to perform common but inferior short-term radon tests.

I wrote this post to help you understand the differences between short and long-term radon testing. If you’d like more details about how people are scammed with false positive test results by radon mitigation companies or riskily misled with false negative results due to dishonest home sellers, I recommend reading the book Does Radon Really Cause Lung Cancer?

Book cover for Does Radon Really Cause Lung Cancer. This book tells you what to do and what not to do when considering a radon mitigation system and dealing with the radon lung cancer risk.

This book, with all of the inspection photos, will teach you in layman’s terms what you need to know to protect yourself from radon health effects. I also show and explain the simple radon mitigation DIY method I devised that resolved the radon gas problem in my home without installing a traditional radon mitigation system that is expensive, and even worse, can cause secondary air quality problems. You’ll find the book here at the Store page for just $7.99.

Why is long-term testing so important?

  • Most contaminants found in indoor air won’t kill you when you walk in the door, but all of them can cause serious health issues when inhaled day after day. Additionally, on average, most people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors.
  • Radon gas entry into homes and buildings is intermittent, meaning the radon levels in the air can spike up and down for a wide variety of reasons. Therefore, an annual average level of radon cannot possibly be determined over the short time of a two-day test.
  • The risk of radon symptoms is directly proportional to how long a person is exposed to radon. Lung cancer and other radon health effects occur over time.

How can I test long-term for radon gas?

Using a radon gas monitor with a continuous radon level readout is the best way to obtain the all-important annual average. Plus, a radon monitor eliminates the cost of laboratory analysis fees.

Radon Monitor plugged into an outlet

Simply plug the monitor into an outlet and the radon level will appear on the LCD screen. With the touch of a button you can read monthly, seasonal, and annual averages in your home. If radon levels exceed the safe level, an audible chirping sound from the built-in alarm will let you know.

How much does a radon monitor cost?

A radon monitor is $149.99. By comparison, it would take 183 short-term tests (two per day for a year) to determine if radon exposure presents a health risk in a home. Even if you didn’t hire a professional radon company and used DIY radon test kits, your radon testing cost would be astronomical.

Owning a radon monitor saves money and provides the proper information needed to determine if you have an ongoing risk of lung cancer in a home.

Residential Radon Testing Monitor for Homeowners

By manufacturer rules, Indoor Air (and all other dealers) cannot sell radon monitors for less without losing dealership privileges. But, if you purchase a monitor from Indoor Air, I’ll pay for shipping AND include three free e-books:

  • Breathe Easy – Six Steps to Healthy Indoor Air
  • How to Reduce EMF Radiation Exposure
  • DIY Mold Inspection – Know Your Enemy

Radon Gas Monitor Purchase Three Free Books Promotion

This is like getting a $25 discount, plus you’ll learn other important ways to protect your home and health.

If you’d like to purchase a monitor, or perhaps a few for gifts, email me at Put Radon Monitor in the subject line, include your name, mailing address, and phone number. I’ll call you to complete the transaction and send you the free books.

Product Specifications:

Radon Monitor Specifications Brochure

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