Mice Infestation

Mice infestation entering a house through holes chewed through stone siding

Did you know that in homes with mice Infestation mice can chew holes through cement? I discover mice Infestation problems in almost every home I inspect. In almost every instance, the people living in those homes did not know they had a mouse infestation. Most of these homes had mice in walls and mice in attic spaces. You can’t blame mice for wanting to live indoors. And if mice want to get into your house they can do it. As you can see above, mice can even chew through cement to enter homes. Most mice live secretly in walls and...

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Air Conditioner Mold

Air conditioner mold hidden inside coil

Air conditioner mold contributes to unhealthy mold symptoms in virtually every home I investigate. In this post, I'm going to focus on the problems associated with window and wall air conditioners. These air conditioners are typically found in older homes, apartment and condominium buildings, and in hotel rooms. I’ve had clients suffer asthma attacks and be rushed to emergency rooms due to hidden air conditioner mold. Unless someone has a very smelly air conditioner, most homeowners are unaware of hidden air conditioner mold affecting their indoor air quality. Black mold and white mold Mold in window air conditioner grills is...

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Alkaline Water Benefits

Does Your Water Help or Hurt You will help you understand water ionizers and alkaline water as well as all your other water options

Scientists around the world have been studying alkaline water benefits for almost two decades, and the ability of alkaline water to maintain health and fend off diseases is simply remarkable. As alkaline water benefits gain notoriety, the use of residential alkaline water machines is becoming commonplace for people concerned about their health and water quality. Prior to the invention of alkaline water machines, your options included: Drinking tap water from private well water or city water systems that is substandard in quality Water filters which have a wide range of purposes but very few health benefits Water purification systems which...

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