Dan Schilling

Hi, I’m Dan Schilling, and I’ve spent over 30 years performing unbiased building investigations and teaching clients about conditions that cause and contribute to health issues, waste money, and depreciate property value.


Throughout my career, I’ve helped doctors discover causes for their patients’ unexplained symptoms and helped lawyers prevail in court cases by testifying for clients who suffered physically and financially as a result of real-estate transactions, contractors, and insurance companies.

As an indoor environmental inspector, I have diagnosed thousands of residential homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings, as well as historic landmarks and commercial buildings such as churches, restaurants, schools, universities, medical facilities, police and fire departments, and shopping malls.

Trusted Expertise

I’ve been interviewed by newspaper reporters and featured on television multiple times. I’ve also assisted in writing home inspection laws and mold legislation, as well as provided seminar training for housing authorities, health professionals, building inspectors, real-estate agents, insurance adjusters, landlords, attorneys, builders, mold remediators, and a variety of professional service contractors whose businesses are related to indoor environments.

Through my investigative work, I discovered many of the causes of the skyrocketing numbers of people suffering from indoor environmental health issues. My clients experience tiredness, fatigue, headaches, migraines, ADD and ADHD, memory loss, snoring, ear and sinus infections, eye and throat irritation, chemical sensitivities, chronic coughs, allergy symptoms, and asthma symptoms.

Why I write

With so many experiencing the negative and even dangerous effects of poor indoor air quality in their homes, schools, and workplaces, I felt called to share my discoveries and helpful information through economical, accessible books, which cost far less than an onsite inspection and are aimed at non-professionals.

The books, with related inspection photographs included, are helping people discover and understand the consequences of unhealthy indoor environments as well as fix the problems in their indoor spaces. The information in the books also helps protect people from unscrupulous contractors, real-estate professionals, insurance companies, and those purporting to be air quality experts.

I hope you will benefit from the information in my books as you take steps to make your indoor environment safer and healthier to live in.