Dust Mites and Your Health

Dust mites contaminating air

Microscopic dust mites create HUGE health issues for both humans and pets. While an inevitable part of our ecosystem, it's important to understand where dust mites thrive in our homes, and the proper strategies to eliminate dust mites from our indoor environments. In my profession, I help people who suffer from indoor air quality-related illnesses. Dust mites are a significant contributing factor to poor indoor air quality, so I thought it would be good for me to write this article and share some dust mite remedies with you. Dust mite allergy Dust mites eat, so dust mites poop. Each dust...

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Dehumidifier Mold Exposure

Dehumidifier mold exposure from mold in tank

When performing indoor environmental investigations for clients, I like to teach them how to avoid dehumidifier mold exposure. Would you like to learn how? If so, this article is for you. People purchase dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity in their homes. They often purchase dehumidifiers for basements where high humidity is most common. The hopeful outcome is to protect indoor air quality and prevent mold growth in their home and on personal property. When not used properly, as I discover in 8 out of 10 homes, dehumidifiers can be the cause of mold growth, and can actually spread mold spores...

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Chimney Soot Explains Illness

Soot inside of chimney

For me, looking at the patterns of fireplace chimney soot inside the chimney flue shown above is much like reading tea leaves, only scientific. The soot stains and the water streaks within the stains tell me a story. The people who owned the fireplace connected to this chimney were experiencing ill symptoms that prompted them to call me for an indoor environmental investigation of their home. When performing investigations where my clients experience symptoms with unknown causes, it’s important for me to inspect for all potential contaminants sources that could collectively contribute to their symptoms, including fireplaces. What are the...

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Bats in Attics and Walls

Brown furry bat in an attic

A client of mine had over 650 bats in her attic. She did not realize she had such a large infestation or that the bats were the cause of her and her daughter’s health problems. Bats in attics and walls can cause a variety of health issues including respiratory disorders and infections. Bats roosting inside exterior walls can literally fill the spaces between studs with guano (excrement) and can drop significant amounts of urine and guano on top of attic insulation. In the attic of another client of mine 45 gallons of guano was removed. Bacteria, mold and viruses associated...

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Black Mold Exposure

Black mold exposure on a wall

The mold that people associate with Black Mold Exposure is a species technically known as Stachybotrys. It just so happens to be the most toxic mold known to man. I discovered this dense growth of Stachybotrys on a basement wall in a home where my client was being poisoned by black mold exposure. Black mold exposure symptoms When I first arrived at my client’s home, I noticed she looked very sickly, and she was experiencing psychological problems as well. She was dangerously thin and suffering from rashes and lesions on her skin which are dermal black mold symptoms. Dermal symptoms are less...

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Avoided Death by Carbon Monoxide – Free Book Download

Disconnected furnace vent makes carbon monoxide

The furnace exhaust vent pipes shown in the photo above were never properly glued together when the furnace was installed.  I did not see evidence of glue at the joints so I merely touched the joints with my finger and they completely separated. This separation could have happened by someone barely bumping the pipe or even from vibration of the blower motor. My client literally avoided death by carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of my discovering this furnace installation defect. Left unnoticed, at some point in the near future the furnace would have blown poisonous carbon monoxide gas directly...

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Attic Mold is Very Common – Download Free Book

Attic mold under roof

Attic mold is very common in homes and in most instances where mold growth is discovered it was unbeknownst to the homeowners. Attic mold is seldom the result of liquid water from a roof leak or steam from a bathroom exhaust fan inappropriately exhausting into the space under the roof. It takes enduring humidity to grow mold. The humidity can come from outdoor air or it can originate in the house underneath the attic space. Wood building materials in attics can provide food sources for mold growth, especially if the wood consists of man-made materials. There are also airborne particles...

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Home Wiring Radiation Exposure – Download Free Book

Laptop radiation in infrared

Home wiring and appliances, televisions, computers, tablets, cell phones and chargers, all contribute to exposure to unhealthy electrical radiation that emits into the air of your home. Even appliances and devices used by your neighbors can deliver high frequency radio waves through utility wires and into your home. Electrical radiation in air penetrates our bodies in the same way microwaves do food in a microwave oven. While individual appliances and devices can emit electrical radiation, the largest emitter is the electrical wiring system that surrounds us in our homes. It literally acts like a transmitting antenna. Human exposure to this...

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Fluorescent Lighting Toxins – Download Free Book – Indoor Air

Soot particles bonded to wall behind clock

The photos in this post were taken in an office building I was asked to investigate because some of the employees were getting sick and did not know why. As it turned out they were being exposed to toxic particles that were in the air as they were being emitted from the fluorescent light fixtures on the ceilings. The photo above shows toxic soot particles from light fixtures that bonded to the wall around an electric clock. All fluorescent light fixtures have electrical transformers inside them that reduce the amount of electricity going to the lightbulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs have...

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Mice Chew through Cement – Free Book Download

Mouse tunnels through cement mortar

Did you know mice chew through cement?  These photos show where mice chewed through cement mortar in masonry siding and a stone foundation wall, as well as a photo of a mouse that made a nest (and bathroom) in a home after chewing its way in. Most mice live secretly in insulation inside walls and up in attics without the knowledge of homeowners.  They usually go outdoors to forage, so if you accidentally see a mouse inside of your house, you likely have more mice living in your wall cavities and/or up in your attic space. The infrared photo shows mouse...

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