Black Mold

If you see visible black mold and mildew, detect a musty smell, or have any mold symptoms that could be related to your home, is the right place for you.

Once mold in homes gets established, occupants and pets are at risk of mold exposure. Mold symptoms commonly include suffering from allergy symptoms, asthma symptoms, headaches, migraines, ADD, ADHD, sinus infection, ear infection, memory loss, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and cancer.

Here you can gain knowledge about mold inspection and mold removal without the cost of hiring a mold remediation company, spending money on mold testing, or risking a professional mold scam.

Mold Inspection

Typically, if you suspect mold or happen to discover mold growth in one location, you’ll find black mold, white mold, and other colors of mold growing in multiple locations in your home when performing a proper mold inspection.

The books here at will show you inspection photos with clear explanations teaching you why and where to inspect for mold. You’ll also learn how to see hidden mold when it’s the same or similar colors as the surfaces it grows on, and you’ll learn the causes so you can prevent future mold exposure.

While air filters and air purifiers can significantly improve indoor air quality in mold-contaminated homes, they are NOT a substitute for a proper mold inspection.

If you see visible mold and mildew, detect a musty smell, or have any mold symptoms that could be related to your home, read

The Do-It-Yourself Mold Inspection series from will walk you through every room of your home, including the attic and basement, teaching you the correct way to inspect for mold.

Don’t waste your money on mold testing

I often get calls from clients who already bought a mold test kit and the results caused them to panic. I also get calls from people wanting me to do mold testing for them. In good conscience, I try to talk people out of paying me to do this work.

Mold testing is largely a waste of money. Knowing the species of molds you have in your home is basically useless information. Your goal should be to find ALL areas of mold growth and safely eliminate them from your indoor environment.

Mold Remediation

Whenever mold is discovered, before proceeding with DIY mold remediation or hiring a professional mold removal company, the responsible thing to do is to become familiar with proper and improper methods of mold cleaning. You can do this by reading the book Do-It-Yourself Mold Cleaning and Prevention.

In this book you will learn how to:

  • determine if DIY mold remediation is your best option
  • make your own mold remover solutions
  • protect yourself from mold exposure while performing mold removal
  • prevent mold spores from spreading further around your home
  • avoid professional mold removal scams
  • prevent mold from returning

If you seriously care about your indoor air quality or black mold exposure, you’ll not need to look any further than right here.

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