Healthy Home

So, you want a healthy home? If you do, and it may seem obvious, but you’ll have to address all the issues that make a home unhealthy. Accomplishing this can take a little time performing a healthy home inspection, and you’ll need some instruction on how to go about it, but it’s worth it!

If you want a healthy home, you need to consider:

  • Ionizing your drinking water to clean it and create alkaline water which keeps your body on the proper side of the pH scale to prevent disease and cancer
  • Eliminating and reducing as many sources of EMF radiation exposure as is practical to prevent headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue, memory loss, insomnia, and cellular damage
  • Removing unhealthy particles, gases, and biological organisms from the indoor air you breathe to prevent allergy symptoms, sinus infection, asthma symptoms, ADD, ADHD, and black mold exposure

Most illness and diseases are caused by or aggravated by unhealthy indoor environments. It’s always better to address the causes than to medicate the symptoms or have surgery.

Here at, you can learn unbiased healthy home tips regarding alkaline water, EMF exposure, and all of the issues that affect your indoor air quality. The books here provide expert information. You’ll see actual investigation photographs with easy-to-understand explanations written specifically for nonprofessionals.

To learn about the water you consume and use in your home, I recommend reading the book Does Your Water Help or Hurt You? This book will show you photographs with clear explanations to help you understand water quality concerns and solutions.

To learn the different ways you are exposed to EMF radiation in your home, and learn about EMF symptoms and EMF protection, you will unquestionably want to read the book How to Reduce EMF Radiation Exposure. This book will also show you inspection photographs with details to help you understand the effects of electricity and the electronic devices in your home.

The primary causes of an unhealthy home are related to indoor air quality. Because air is invisible and has no taste it is usually taken for granted, and therefore people pay little or no attention to its purity.

The free book 6 Steps to Healthy Indoor Air will show you exactly how to deal with various contaminants that are routinely present in indoor air. It will explain all the dos and don’ts to make your indoor air as good as it can possibly be. The book is available as a free download here at

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