Does Your Water Help or Hurt You?

Ranked by importance to life, drinking water is second only to the air we breathe. Water quality and alkalinity level are essential to staying healthy and fending off diseases.

This book shows photographs with easy-to-understand explanations for people concerned about their drinking water. It shows how nature provided us with safe and healthy water in the past and reveals the drinking water contamination problems we face today. This book explains the advantages and/or disadvantages of tap water, bottled water, water filters, purified water, ionized water, and alkaline water systems.

If you’re researching water filtration systems, reverse osmosis water purification systems, or alkaline water machines, this book is for you.


Does Your Water Help or Hurt You?

Alkaline water filters are without question the greatest scientific breakthrough in water purification systems. However, alkaline water benefits and the advantages of other water filtration systems should be considered because these water purification devices vary significantly in quality and purpose.

Additionally, if you live in a small apartment or RV, you likely won’t have room for a large reverse osmosis water system, and perhaps not even an alkaline water machine. You might only be able to accommodate a small water filter for sink installation or use a portable alkaline water bottle. This is why accurate information regarding your best options is important.

Water is usually clear to the naked eye, and people innocently think the tap water, bottled water, or purified water they drink is good. Yet, many never take the time to learn about their drinking water and what it may be doing, or not doing, to and for their bodies.


Alkaline water benefits

Consuming water that has disinfectants and organic or inorganic contaminants is usually out of the question for most people paying attention to their cooking and drinking water. However, water that is on the acidic side of the pH scale can be even worse. It can lead to poor hydration, insufficient bodily cleansing, diseases, and cancer. This is where alkaline water benefits need to be clearly understood.

Water purifiers, water filters, and water ionizers that produce alkaline water can be confusing for the average person. This book answers the questions you should be asking yourself.


Learn about the air you breathe

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Table of Contents

No new water on earth
Natural water purification
Unnatural water pollution
Tap water
Private versus municipal water sources
Bottled water
High cost per gallon
Acidic contents
Environmental impact
Filtered water
Whole-house water filters
Refrigerator water filters
Pitcher filters
Faucet filters
Softened water
Purified water
Reverse Osmosis
Ionized water
Acid-buffering alkalinity
Digestion improvement
Treat your water, not your symptoms


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