Does Radon Really Cause Lung Cancer?

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There is a tremendous amount of confusion regarding radon gas in homes. Some people scoff at the idea of being worried about radon in homes, while others become hysterical, believing radon exposure causes lung cancer.

The issue of radon testing has complicated and even ruined many real estate transactions, and companies offer radon testing and radon mitigation systems are capitalizing on the concern over radon.

So what should you believe about radon gas? This book will put things in perspective for you.


Does Radon Really Cause Lung Cancer?

Radon gas is presumed to be an indoor air contaminant directly related to lung cancer. The evidence that this lung cancer presumption is based upon is well deserving of scrutiny. This 45-page book with photographs from field investigations will help you gain an unbiased understanding regarding radon gas exposure.

Before you worry about lung cancer, purchase a radon test kit, or pay someone to do radon testing for you, let this book put radon levels into perspective for you. Before doing anything about radon you’ll want to learn:

  • The shortcomings of the lung cancer radon research
  • How radon test results can be misleading
  • Radon mitigation system cost versus benefit
  • The unrecognized benefits of a radon mitigation system
  • How radon mitigation systems grow mold in homes
  • How radon mitigation systems cause carbon monoxide in homes

This book provides you with all the answers and includes practical instructions to teach you what to do, and what not to do, to eliminate the potential lung cancer threat due to radon gas in your home. Everyone who owns, or is buying or selling a home will benefit greatly from reading this book.


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Look what’s in Does Radon Really Cause Lung Cancer?

Table of Contents

Why trust the author? 3
Preface 4
Sharing this book 9
What is radon gas? 10
How does radon gas affect our health? 10
Where does radon gas enter a home? 12
What causes radon to enter a home? 13
Where is radon gas found in a home? 14
Purported lung cancer link 14
Can radon improve health? 22
Are radon action levels based on logic? 22
Can you trust everything the EPA says? 24
Are radon mitigation systems bad for you? 26
What should I do if I already have a mitigation system? 29
Radon testing during real-estate transactions 31
The testing and mitigation racket 33
The BIG business of radon testing and mitigation 34
Why is short-term radon testing unreliable? 35
Long-term monitoring 38
Particle reduction = radon risk reduction 40
Five more simple things to do to reduce exposure to radon gas 41


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    Tamra G.

    Dan, thank you SO much for the ebook. I found you by running a search on “radon spike after heavy rain”—your website was the second on the list. I appreciate your hard work and expertise. Again, thank you x100, and we’ll definitely be back for additional ebooks. I already signed up for your blog. Regards, Tamra G.

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