Many of my clients cannot find an inspector near them who understands indoor environmental health issues. In addition to the educational books and blog posts here at, I offer video conferencing through Skype Inspections as an affordable option. Skype Inspections is a way to have me in your home in real time without incurring travel fees.

Note: If you are interested in Skype inspections but do not have a smartphone or small laptop with a built-in camera to use, send an email to and ask for the list of specific areas to take digital photos of your home which you can then email to me. After I analyze them, we can discuss the photos together during a phone consultation.

You should have Wi-Fi or a sufficient data package for your phone to allow for the Skype inspection.

Skype Inspections Instructions

Arranging the Video Inspection

    1. Send an email to indicating your request for a Skype Inspection.
    2. You will receive a reply email agreement explaining you will be charged $210 for up to 90 minutes of inspection time and $35 for each additional quarter hour that exceeds 90 minutes.
    3. Your reply to that email will be your confirmation of agreement and should contain your:
      • Credit card number
      • Expiration date
      • Three digit security code
      • The name and address specifically associated with the card
      • Your phone number in case there are complications with the Skype program

      Your email address will not be shared. For security purposes, your credit card information will be deleted after final processing.

    4. We will determine a mutually good time for the inspection through email or a phone call. Depending on time zone, daylight, urgency, or other scheduling obligations, evenings and weekends could be an option.
    5. You will be the party to initiate the Skype communication at the designated time. Prior to the video call, log in to your Skype account and search in the Search Skype box for my Skype name Dan Schilling to locate me. My time zone is Central and my Skype profile photo is a yellow flashlight on a blue background.
    6. After you locate me, you will need to choose to add me to your contacts. I will then accept you on my end which will take a moment, after which I will initiate the video call to you.

    Skype Inspection Tips

    • Ensure that your battery on your device is fully charged before the inspection begins.
    • Have the device charger plugged into an extension cord and readily available in case your battery becomes depleted during the inspection. (If necessary a second appointment can be scheduled)
    • I recommend using the Skype app on your smartphone or a small laptop that can be safely carried throughout your home. The smartphone is usually easiest because the camera can point in the opposite direction of your screen to allow you to see on your screen what I am asking you to show me. When using your phone during the Skype consultation, you will need to set your camera to point away from you as you look at the screen and not in the selfie position.
    • Have a quality wide-angle flashlight on hand for areas that might be dimly lit.

    Schedule Your Inspection

    If you’re ready to schedule a Skype Inspection, send your email now to