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I have researched so much out of desperation to provide healthy air, knowing there were many variables to look at. Breathe Easy just pieced it all together perfectly for me. I feel better equipped to protect my family and educate my kids for their future home ownership and families. I will definitely get your other recommended reads.  – Natalie H

Seeing the pictures with your detailed explanations in Breathe Easy really helped to put things together. We appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. Thanks again. – Dawn and Steve

As a holistic health practitioner with 25+ years’ experience, I am not new to indoor environmental health problems. IndoorAir.com is the best, most comprehensive body of information I have ever seen on the subject. – Juliet M

I was afraid that one of my dogs and I were dying. Thanks to Dan and IndoorAir.com, I discovered that my house was full of formaldehyde gas, and we were slowly being poisoned. – Lorayn R

You just saved me and my husband from making a $2,400 mistake! Thank you for the much-needed information. I’ve shared your link with family and friends. IndoorAir.com helped us understand a variety of things about indoor air quality that we’ve had questions about. – Terri C

I purchased a home built in 1873 and it had odor problems. IndoorAir.com was the only place I found books that directly addressed all of my concerns. – Dawn V

I just purchased a home with a severe cigarette odor problem. Thanks much for all your information on air purification. – Ron

By far, the best, independent review of indoor air quality I’ve found online. – Kevin S & Charity P

I’ve been working with mold problems in homes for 20 years and have finally found someone on the same page. – Don V

I bought a house contaminated with cat urine. I had no idea how devastating it could be; I would not wish this on anyone. Your website was a great source of information for how to fix it. I hope you continue to educate people about this problem. – Sharon V, Ph.D.

I was impressed with the thorough analysis you give to cleaning up the air in our homes. You have good credentials, and I respect and trust your opinion. – Donald G

My wife and I both have sinus problems, and a doctor said my son was allergic to dust, animal dander, and pollen. Dan, let me commend you on your very informative website for helping us. – Ed E

You have done your homework! I am really impressed! I have gleaned more info from your site than any other source. – Greg L

I was very thankful for your information because you saved me hundreds of dollars! – Charlene

I would like to commend you for your fantastic educational website on indoor air pollution. I love sharing your website. – Jeremy U